Pipe and Conduit Cleaning

If you suspect your drains or sewer pipes are infected with silt or roots, Call 1300Locate and we can send one of our experienced team members out to assess the pipework or failing that call a plumber, but be careful not all plumbers are professionals, there are a few out there that whinge and complain to the QBCC so make sure you get the right one, a good honest one.


There is no need to dig out and replace old stormwater pipes that are not functioning properly.

Often the cause of bad drainage is not the pipe size, fall or age. It could be the result of silt or build up in your pipes, which inhibits the flow of water and causes it to back up.

This can be fixed with a simple clean.

A high pressure water hose with reverse jetters is fed up the pipe, usually on the upstream side, with a penetrating blast at the front. The hose is then pulled back down the line clearing the material. Combined with vacuum excavation this process is very quick and very clean. 

This service is suitable for pipe sizes from 50mm to 300mm.


Blocked sewer drains can also be the result of silt and, more often, tree roots.

Jet rodding is the most effective way of clearing blocked sewer pipes and 1300 Locate can send our experienced professional team out to assess these issues. 

In the instances of tree rooting inundation, a root cutting head is fed up the pipe and pulled back. This process is done a number of times until the pipe is cleared. All sewer pipes can then be inspected using our state-of-the-art CCTV technology. 

This service is suitable for pipe sizes from 100mm to 300mm.

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