Geotechnical Clearances

Geotechnical and drilling works are another form of destructive digging that can damage underground utilities. 1300 Locate has an experienced team that can provide your company with the necessary clearances, information, documentation and safety data, before drilling commences.

Our geotechnical investigations provide information regarding soil types, densities and bearing ratios, which are required prior to commencement of various types of work, including large pipelines, civil works and construction.

Utilities are not always where shown on plans and planning your drilling works is an essential part of the design phase. From domestic housing to large scale multi-million dollar projects, 1300 Locate can provide you with important data and guidance during the planning and design stages to save your company time and money. 

 1300 Locate perform geotechnical clearances for some of Australia’s largest geotechnical engineering companies.

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